All About Ash

Dive into my world

"There's a hundred ways to get to Ohio." When I started teaching in 2008, my teacher bestie used to tell her kids this all the time. It means, there is generally never only one way to do something. I couldn't agree more, and this phrase quickly became a montra for me.

I explain it to my students like this - I am the best me. If all you ever to is try to be like me, you'll never be the best. I am the best me, and you can only ever be 2nd best at being me. So while I want to teach you about styles and techniques, you will have to apply them. Skills can be developed, but there's only ever going to be one you. So you should get busy rocking it!

Through My Eyes

I see the world in color, texture, and pattern. Pattern is my jam. When I'm driving, I'm looking for color schemes in nature like it's a Pintrest mood board. I look for patterns in shadows and animals or even how the shadows crawl up a wall.

I love how cultures both modern and ancient have applied the use of pattern in architecture, art, and clothing. And I am obsessed in how other artists create paterns to enhance their artwork or add to designs in clothing.

I take my inspiration from all around me and collect these color palettes and pattern designs so I can use them in my own work as layers that make up an image.

I paint both digitally and in real life on wood or canvas. If it accepts paint, I want to figure out a way to cover it in pattterns.

Completed Work

Heron Peace of Mind


Latex on canvas

Deas Pinchers


Latex on canvas

A Good Day


Latex on canvas



Latex on wooden cradle



Acrylic on wooden cradle



Latex on wooden cradle

Current Project in Progress

Currently, I am working on four paintings. Two are from images Paul took in Miramar and another is from a friend's trip to the pan handle. The final piece is from our very own Main Street next to my favorite pizza joint.

Life is in the Details

Growing Up at the Studio

Our girls were 2 and 4 when we opened the studio. It's wild to imagine they really have grown up in it where at one time they could barely see over the edge of the table. Now, they love to help out and we certainly put them to work.

Photo Assistant

Every now and then our scheudles line up and I get to step in and assist my huband, Paul on his photoshoots. It's so much fun to see him at work. On this trip, we were in the mountains of Arkansas. The imagery was so inspiring, I came home and made this painting of Paul looking over the land in search of his next shot.

Teacher Perks

I have a special spot in my heart for teachers. Of course it helps that I am a teacher myself - ha! I know teachers work hard on their rooms to make them amazing every year, and they work hard every day trying to make a difference in the classroom.

So I try to make events special to them. I love having teacher Cricut nights or paint nights just for them so they can relax and unwind around fellow educators.