I got to go to Pettigrew with Paul while he was working in October 2021. I love watching him while he's on a shoot. You can actually see the wheels turning in his head. Sometimes he's looking out over a landscape looking for a shot for right now, or he is thinking of how or when to come. When would be the perfect time with the best lighting? There are so many things he's thinking through and I know lighting is just one very small part of it all.

This moment was actually at the start of the trip. We were just starting to get close to where we were staying for the weekend and we saw this hole in the mountain side and pulled over to look around. We do that a lot. Whenever Paul has his camera, we tend to meander toward our destiny and the journey becomes ever bit as important as the destination when you're looking for shots. 

At this particular stop, there was this really cool rock jutting out that was just sort of calling to be walked out on. So when Paul walked out to see what the valley looked like from above, I captured a series of iPhone shots creepin' on his process. It felt like he was looking out over the potential of what could be - like he could see out over to 10,000 foot view of all the work he does and plans and considers as he works towards his goals. I guess it was them metaphor for his work that made me want to capture it in paint. 

There are still some small bits I want to hone in on, some details that need pulling out. But this is him. PB - gazing out over his work, his future.

October 03, 2022 — Ashley Burns

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