Have you ever worked on a painting and got frustrated that the paint you were working with was transparent or super see through? Yeah, me too. Great news! That is super common. There are many pigments that are very easy to see through. Yes, sometimes it may be because the kind of paint you got is cheap and not the best quality. HOWEVER, there are many times that this is just the case with that type of color. A lot of times, yellow is going to be just that kind of color- that no matter how high quality your paint is, it is just a bit more see through than other colors.

The best news ever is that I have a little trick to speed up my way through using these kinds of colors and not losing my mind by having to paint 8 million layers of one color just to get the one I want! Here it is . . . 

Whenever I use a color that ends up being more see through than I want it to be, I will mix just a teeny tiny bit of white with that color for the first layer. White is generally an opaque color (the exact opposite of see through). I will mix a bit of white with the first layer and allow it to dry. Then, when I go back for the next layer of color and BAM, I don't have to paint a billion layers of color to get the one I want! 

October 01, 2022 — Ashley Burns

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